Welcome to the BIQ Training App

We’re dedicated to resistance band training and created this app with all our experience and passion to help you reach your goals, with resistance bands.

Let us give you a brief overview over the BIQ Training App.

The Exercises

In the exercise section you will find all the possible exercises you can do with resistance bands, including plenty of variations and detailed instructions to help you find the ones that you enjoy or maybe show you some that you have never done before.

The Workouts

We’ve created workouts that suit resistance bands perfectly from scratch. If you have a certain goal and you don’t want to get deep into workout theory, this is the place to go. Select what resistance bands you use and what primary training goal you have and enjoy our workouts that will fit your workout schedule.


Challenges are great ways to get in touch with new exercises and challenge yourself for a certain period of time. If regular workout plans don’t feel right for you or you just want to bring some exciting new routines into your training we’re sure you will enjoy one of our challenges. We also add new challenges so make sure to check in once in a while


You will find a tutorial on top at the (?) Icon – just tap it to find out more.

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